The continuation of the CRDC 1/2-cent sales tax will assist the community to remain a “community of choice” for many years to come. The continued development, and even redevelopment of many of our quality of life facilities and visual branding elements will further differentiate Coppell as a first class community that offers residents, businesses, and visitors a lifestyle second to none. All of this is made possible by the successful economic development efforts of the City of Coppell. Years in the making, the strong commercial, industrial sales tax base found primarily in the business-to-business entities located on the west side of the community now produce sales tax revenue that will fund the construction of the programs currently planned and those that will be envisioned in the future.

“BOLD Vision, BIG Impact” is an attempt to bring a more tangible vision of the projects funded by the continuation of the CRDC 1/2-cent sales tax, and keep the community up to date on their respective status as they progress.