Coppell City Council

The 2016 Coppell City Council

“On November 5, 2013, Coppell voters approved the continued collection and broadened the use of a ½-cent sales and use tax providing funding for park related projects, as well as construction, maintenance and operation of future capital improvement projects.
Collection of these dollars is sufficient to fund all of the traditional park and recreation amenities expected by the community, as well as a wide range of additional capital improvement projects that will only enhance the community and help you maintain the value of your investment. This unique, online book, “A Bold Vision, Big Impact” will keep you up-to-date on the projects directly funded by this sales tax. Coppell has a reputation for quality and innovation. Take a moment to review these pages and we think you will agree Coppell has a bold vision and a big impact.”
Karen Hunt, Mayor of Coppell
“The continuation of the CRDC ½-cent sales tax will assist the community in remaining the “community of choice” for many years to come. The continued development, and even redevelopment of many of our quality of life facilities and visual branding elements will further differentiate Coppell as a first class community that offers residents, businesses, and visitors a lifestyle second to none. All of this is made possible by the successful economic development efforts of the City of Coppell. Years in the making, the strong commercial, industrial sales tax base found primarily in the business-to-business entities located on the west side of the community now produce sales tax revenue that will fund the construction of the programs currently planned and those that will be envisioned in the future.”
Clay Phillips, Coppell City Manager

Phase 1 Anticipated Completion Timeline

Coppell City Representatives

Mario Canizares
Deputy City Manager

Mike Land
Deputy City Manager

Vivyon Bowman
Director of Human Resources

Ken Griffin
Director of Engineering/Public Works

Victoria Chiavetta
Director of Library Services

Mac Tristan
Chief of Police

Albert Gauthier
Chief Information Officer

Brad Reid
Director of Parks & Recreation

Kevin Richardson
Fire Chief

Gary Sieb
Director of Planning

Jennifer Miller
Director of Finance