Hike and Bike Trails

Project Status
The City of Coppell currently has over 14 miles of hike and bike trails. The hike and bike trail project includes over eight miles of trails and is phased over five years. Phase 1 starts October 1, 2017.


ABW/CHS Connector Trail
$340,000   |   .2 miles

Moore Rd/Heartz Rd Trail
$700,000   |   2.5 miles


Freeport Pkwy Trail
$1.5m   |   1.1 miles

Parkway Blvd Trail
$1.1m   |   .6 miles


Moore Rd Park Boardwalk
$750,000   |   .1 miles

Magnolia Park Trail
$350,000   |   .2 miles

MacArthur Blvd. Trail
$2.1m   |   2.7 miles


Grapevine Creek Park Trail
$2m   |   .7 miles

Brad Reid
Director of Parks & Recreation

“Trails play a vital role in our individual well-being, our local economy, the environment and traffic congestion relief. Communities across America consistently cite trails as one of their most popular recreational activities and they are often the single most requested community amenity. Trails strengthen a community’s social fabric, and people of all income brackets, age groups and cultures will be able to travel throughout the City of Coppell and enjoy trail-based recreational experiences.”

Trail System Improvements

The development of the Community-Wide Trails Implementation Plan was set in motion by The 2030 Vision for Coppell. Its purpose is to ensure that Coppell’s high quality of life will be maintained while still allowing for growth in the City and the region, as well as to formulate strategies to manage future opportunities and challenges. If done correctly, the implementation of a city-wide trail system can play a vital role in Coppell residents’ individual well-being, local economy and environment while also providing traffic congestion relief.

When completed, the Coppell trails system will link many neighborhood communities and provide connections to many key City destinations. By providing access to a wide array of retail, parks, schools, neighborhoods and other key City destinations, the trail system will establish a network of connections useful to many Coppell citizens. The system will enable outdoor enthusiasts to appreciate all that Coppell has to offer. Connections to existing and planned trails will encourage recreational use as well as bicycle commuting, as safer bicycle networks are established and expanded.