Life Safety Park

Project Status


January 2014 – Close RFQ.
February 2014 – Review RFQ applicants and award architect contract.
June 2014 – Architect design and input forums.
November 2015 – CRDC and council construction contracts.
November 2015 – Plan review process.
January 2016 – Begin construction.
January 2017 – Construction Complete.
January 28, 2017 – Grand Opening Celebration!

Estimated Project Cost – $6,885,593

Kevin Richardson
Fire Chief

“The purpose of Life Safety Park is to provide a comprehensive learning environment for children, families, corporate citizens, and the general public regarding overall life safety education programs. The complex will provide a wide spectrum of public education needs and also provide community features including a park, museum, community room, and classrooms that will provide an innovative and interactive learning experience. In addition, the facility will protect and serve the community by incorporating an Emergency Operations Center that will be the primary location for managing the City’s response to emergency situations. Life Safety Park is a proactive initiative that supports all five strategies in the Coppell 2030 Visual Plan and will ultimately make Coppell a much safer community through education and prevention.”.

Life Safety Park is open!

Life Safety Park Grand Opening

Coppell’s Life Safety Park opened to approximately 5,000 visitors on January 28, 2017, and guests enjoyed a full day of activities, including tours, demonstrations, displays, food trucks, face painting and more! The facility is now offering scheduled visits for public and private school groups, scout troops and other civic organizations as well as seasonal programming. Please visit for more information.

Life Safety Park Funding Sources

The COPPELL LIFE SAFETY PARK will provide education to school children, families, and the general public regarding overall life safety programs such as fire procedures, severe weather response, and pedestrian caution. The facility will support not only a broad spectrum of public educational needs, but also provide community features including a park, museum, party room, and public classrooms that will enhance the adjacent MAIN STREET development. Safety Town’s proximity to the farmer’s market and Main Street development will require a design that is attentive to the scale and aesthetic of historical Texas architecture. The COPPELL LIFE SAFETY PARK concept will also support all five strategies listed within the Coppell 2030 Vision Plan (Sense of Community, Special Place to Live, Community Wellness and Enrichment, Business Prosperity, and Sustainable City Government). In addition, the Safety facility will protect and serve the community by incorporating an EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER. The operations center is ideally located in the center of Coppell, adjacent to utilities, and will incorporate fortified construction and generator power to ensure operations are maintained throughout unforeseen events.

The program requirements were determined through meetings, discussions, site analysis, and a tour of a comparable facility in Frisco. The site planning and facility design will accommodate the spatial and functional needs for education, administration, emergency operations, community and Safety Town functions. Coppell’s commitment to COMMUNITY WELLNESS AND ENRICHMENT could be enhanced with practical sustainable solutions that benefit the environment and the public. The design of COPPELL LIFE SAFETY PARK should embrace these sustainable design values through conserving energy, protecting and conserving water, enhancing indoor environmental quality, using resource-efficient materials, minimizing construction waste, and optimizing maintenance and operations cost.