Streetscape Improvements

Project Status


May – June 2014 – Public input meetings
July 2014 – Kickoff Meeting
August 2014 – Survey
November 2014 – Preliminary Design
April 2015 – Bid Documents
June 2015 – Council Award
August 2015 – CRDC Award
November 2015 – Begin Construction
January 2016 – Construction Complete
February 2017 – Relocate overhead utilities

Estimated Project Cost – $2,200,000

Ken Griffin
Director of Engineering/Public Works

“The Streetscape Improvement project at Denton Tap & Sandy Lake Road is a project that fits into the 2030 plan portion of Sustainable City Government, Goal 3, Excellent and Well-Maintained City Infrastructure and Facilities. The goal of this project is two-fold: one, create visual enhancements, such as landscaping and burying of nearby overhead power lines; two, increase intersection capacity by adding a free right turn lane and lengthening left turn bays by modifying existing median openings. This project is currently in the construction phase. We anticipate construction to be completed by early Summer 2016.”

Phase 1 Streetscape Improvement

The general goal for Phase 1 of this project is to develop a conceptual design for the intersection of Sandy Lake Road and Denton Tap Road which will improve the functionality and will create visual enhancements unique to the City of Coppell, providing a design approach as ‘a framework’ which can potentially be replicated at other major intersections throughout the City. Some of the visual enhancements could include burying overhead utility lines and landscape enhancements while the intersection functionality improvements could include additional and/or lengthening turn lanes and closure of nearby median openings.