Coppell Vision 2030

Coppell Vision 2030 was developed to ensure that the high standard of living present in Coppell today will be maintained tomorrow in this growing community in a changing world. This unique plan provides strategies to manage future opportunities and challenges for Coppell for the next twenty years. While we are only stewards of this community for a short period of time, it is paramount that we establish a vision and road map for the future.

The planning process was a collaborative effort led by residents, business members, and civic leaders who generously volunteered their time, and dedicated their efforts to bring this document to life. Community input is valuable to successful planning and is a sound way to guarantee that Coppell’s diverse population and communities are represented. A variety of backgrounds, personalities, talents, interests and convictions were represented. These dynamic individuals helped solidify a plan and present their vision; Coppell is a Family Community for a Lifetime.

The City is dedicated to quality future programs and services, ensuring financial stability, sustaining the city’s infrastructure, maintaining our neighborhoods, supporting our business community and promoting all of the other elements that make up a desirable community like Coppell. Now Coppell 2030 calls all of us to action to secure the future of our community.

To a large degree, the successes that we enjoy today are the result of the work that took place through a similar past process and the deployment of that plan by dedicated leaders and city staff. We owe that same level of effort to this community now and in the future so that they will have the same level of success that we were afforded.

Sustainable Government

Excellent city Services with High Level of Customer Satisfaction

“Green” City Operations and Facilities

Excellent and Well-Maintained City Infrastructure and Facilities

Top Quality City Work Force

Financial Resources to Support City Services

Sense of Community

Residents and Businesses Engaged and Contributing to the Coppell Community

Successful Community Events and Festivals

New Residents Welcomed and Involved

Effective Community Relationship

Future Civic and Community Leadership

Business Prosperity

Retention and Attraction of Businesses that Generate Revenues for the City

Major Retail and Top Quality Business Office Park along I-635 and State Highway 121

Old Coppell as a Small Town Village

Community Commercial Centers

Home Offices and Home-Based Businesses

Special Place to Live

Quality Housing for Family Generations

Beautiful Green City

Revitalizing Neighborhoods

Effective Mobility Within Coppell

Easy Access to Dallas-Fort Worth Region

Community Wellness & Enrichment

Community Gathering Places

Recreation Programs and Services for All Generations

Expand Cultural Arts Amenities and Opportunities

Residents’ Wellness and Longevity

Community Education Programs and Support of Top Quality Schools

Multi-Use T rail System Connecting the City